108 Peethas

According to Shri Devi Bhagwat Puran, The below-mentioned places are where Sati’s Body part or Ornaments had fallen :

When Lord Shiva was wearing Tandava while wearing the body of Goddess Sati on his shoulders, Shri Vishnu hit the body of Goddess Sati with Sudarshan Chakra and divided it into many parts for the welfare of the world. gave.

Shaktipeeth was established wherever these organs etc. fell.

The number of these Shaktipeeths is stated differently.

This number of Shaktipeeths is somewhere 51 and somewhere 52 or more.

Similarly, one hundred and eight Peethasthans are mentioned in Devi Bhagwat.

The goddess Bhagwat is not as mentioned in the Tantrachudamani place, fire, Bhairava and Shakti.

In this, Maharishi Ved Vyas has mentioned the name of the seat and the deity there, according to the question of Janmejay, which is as follows –

  1. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh She is in the form of goddess Vishalakshi.
  2. In Naimisharanya area goddess Lingdharini.
  3. Lalita Devi in Prayag, Uttar Pradesh.
  4. Gandmadn mountain, goddess Kamuki.
  5. In South Mansarovar, Tibet, China, she is goddess Kumuda.
  6. In North Mansarovar, the goddess of complete all aspire Biswkama.
  7. On Gomant, Gomti Devi.
  8. In Mandarachal mountain, goddess Kamacharini.
  9. In Chitrarath, goddess Mdotkta.
  10. In Hastinapur, She is known as Jayanti Devi.
  11. In Kanyakubj, Gauri Devi.
  12. Goddess Rambha on Malyachal.
  13. Goddess Kirthymti in Ekamrapith.
  14. Goddess Vishweswari in Vishwapith.
  15. Goddess Puhuta in Pushkar.
  16. In Kedar area, she is known as Goddess Sanmardayeni.
  17. In Himatwapith, she is Goddess Manda.
  18. In Gokarna, she is Goddess Bhadra Karnika.
  19. In Sthaneswar, she is Goddess Bhawani.
  20. Goddess Vilwapatraika in Vilwak.
  21. Goddess Madhavi in Shrisailam.
  22. Goddess Bhadra in Bhadreshwar.
  23. Goddess Jaya in Varahparvat.
  24. Goddess Kamla in Kamlalay.
  25. Goddess Rudarani in Rudrakoti.
  26. Goddess Kali in Kalanjar.
  27. Goddess Mahadevi in Shalagram.
  28. Goddess Jalapriya in Shivlingam.
  29. Goddess Kapila in Mahalingam.
  30. Goddess Mukuteswari in Maakot.
  31. In Mayapuri, she is as Goddess Kumari.
  32. In Santanpith, she is as Goddess lalitambika.
  33. In Gaya, she is as Goddess Mangala.
  34. In Purushotam Area, she is as Goddess Vimla.
  35. In Sahastraksh, she is as Goddess Utpalakshi.
  36. In Hiranayaksh, she is as Goddess Mahotpala.
  37. In Vipasha, she is as Goddess Amoghakshi.
  38. In Pundravan, she is as Goddess Padala.
  39. In Suparshwa, she is as Goddess Narayani.
  40. In Chitrakoot, she is as Goddess Rudra-Sundari.
  41. In Vipul Area, she is as Goddess Vipula.
  42. In Malayachal, she is as Goddess Kalyani.
  43. In Sahardra Mountain, she is as Goddess Ekvir.
  44. In Harishchandra, she is as Goddess Chandrika.
  45. In Ramtirth, she is as Goddess Raman.
  46. In Yamuna, she is as Goddess Mrigwati.
  47. In Koti-tirtha, she is as Goddess Kotvi.
  48. In Madhav Van, she is as Goddess Sugandha.
  49. In Godavari, she is as Goddess Trisandhya.
  50. In Gangadwar, she is as Ratipriya.
  51. Goddess Subhananda, in Shivkunda.
  52. Goddess Nandini, in Devika-Tat.
  53. Goddess Rukmani, in Dwarka.
  54. Goddess Radha, in Vrindawan.
  55. Goddess Devika, in Mathura.
  56. Goddess Parameshwari, in Paatal.
  57. Goddess Sita, in Chitrakoot.
  58. Goddess Vindhyawasini, in Vindhyachal, Uttar Pradesh.
  59. Goddess Mahalakshmi, in Karvir Area.
  60. Goddess Uma, in Vinayak Area.
  61. Goddess Aarogya, in Vaidhanath in Bihar.
  62. Goddess Maheswari, in Mahakal Area.
  63. Goddess Prachanda, in Chagaland.
  64. Goddess Chandika, in Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh.
  65. Goddess Mandavi, in Mandavya Area.
  66. Goddess Swaha, in Maheswarpuri.
  67. Goddess Abhya, in Ushna Tirth.
  68. Goddess Nitamba, in Vindhya mountain.
  69. Goddess Vararoh, in Someshwar.
  70. Goddess Pushkaravati, in Prabhas Area.
  71. Goddess Dev-Mata, in Saraswati Tirth.
  72. Goddess Paravara, in Sea beach.
  73. Goddess Mahabhaga, in Mahalaya.
  74. Goddess Pingaleshwari, in Payoshini.
  75. Goddess Singhika, in Kritsauch Area.
  76. In Kartik Area, she is as Goddess Atishankari.
  77. In Utpala Mountain, she is as Goddess Lola.
  78. In river Sonbhadra, she is as Goddess Subhadra.
  79. In Sidha Van, she is as Goddess lakhmi.
  80. In Bharatashram, she is as Goddess Ananga.
  81. In Jalandhar Mountain, she is as Goddess Vishwamukhi.
  82. In Kishkindha Mountain, she is as Goddess Tara.
  83. In Devdaru Van, she is as Goddess Pushti.
  84. In Kashmir, she is as Goddess Medha.
  85. In Himadri Mountain, she is as Goddess Bhima.
  86. In Vishweshwar Area, she is as Goddess Tushiti.
  87. In Kapalmochan Tirtha, she is as Goddess Suddhi.
  88. In Kamvararoh Tirtha, she is as Goddess Mata.
  89. In Shankhodwar Tirtha, she is as Goddess Dhara.
  90. In Pindrak Tirtha, she is as Goddess Dhriti.
  91. In the bank of Chadrabhaga river, she is as Goddess Kala.
  92. In Achad Area, she is as Goddess Shivdharini.
  93. In the bank of Ven river, she is as Goddess Amrita.
  94. In Badri-Van, she is as Goddess Urvashi.
  95. In North Kuru Pradesh, she is as Goddess Aushadhi.
  96. In Kushadwip, she is as Goddess Kushodaka.
  97. In Hemkut Mountain, she is as Goddess Manmatha.
  98. In Kumud Van, she is as Goddess Satyavadini.
  99. In Aswa-Tirth, she is as Goddess Vandaniya.
  100. In Vaishwanalay, she is as Goddess Nidhi.
  101. Goddess Gayatri, in Vedvadan Tirtha.
  102. Goddess Parvati, who is dear to Lord Shiva.
  103. Goddess Indrani in Devloka.
  104. Goddess Saraswati, in the thought of Lord Brahma.
  105. Goddess Prabha, in the light of Sun.
  106. Goddess Vaishnavi, in Motherhood.
  107. Goddess Arundhati, among Sati’s.
  108. Tilotama in nymphs.
  109. As the form of Chid-Brahm in every living being.