Famous Temples In Kanpur

The city of Kanpur speaks volumes about the time of glory of our country and the periods of pride have been existing in the city till date in forms of structures such as temples, churches and mosques.

1. Bramhakuti Temple:

Temples in Kanpur1

Brahmakuti temple located in the city of Kanpur is the shrine of Lord Brahma, who is believed to be the supreme creator. The temple is located on the banks of Ganges River. This temple is the only Brahma temple in Kanpur area other than a small temple named Brahmeshwar Mahadeva. Thus, the temple is often visited by pilgrims all over the city.

2. Radhakrishnan Temple:

Temples in Kanpur2

Radhakrishnan temple or J K Temple houses the idols of Lord Krishna, Radha, Lord Narayan, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ardhanarishwar and Lord Narmadeshwar. The temple was constructed by the Singhania family in 1960. The temple’s calm environment offers peace of mind to those who are seeking for it.

3. Kanpur Memorial Church:

Temples in Kanpur3

Kanpur Memorial church is also known as the All Soul’s Cathedral and is located in the centre of the city on Albert Lane. This church was designed by Walter Granville based on Gothic architecture. It is a memorial for the British soldiers who died in the Siege of Cawnpore in 1857. The church holds a weekly mass and all Christmas festivals such as Easter, Christmas and more are celebrated here.

4. Dwarka Dhish Temple:

Temples in Kanpur4

Dwarka Dhish temple, the name suggests that the temple is dedicated to the Dhish of Dwarka or the king of Dwarka, which is Lord Krishna. Situated near Kamla Tower of Kanpur, this is one of the few temples which piously follows all the rituals. It has many visitors everyday coming to seek the blessings of the Lord Krishna from around the city.

5. Jain Glass Temple:

Temples in Kanpur5

Jain Glass temple holds its significance for both religious and architectural importance. It is dedicated to Lord Mahavir, another name of Lord Shiva and the other twenty three Jain tirthankaras. The uniqueness of the temple lies in the fact that the temple is made up of only glass. It displays beautiful art work on glass and enamel. The tourists get a visual treat as well and they get to learn about the teachings of Jainism along with it.

6. Mecca Mosque:

Temples in Kanpur6

Mecca mosque of Kanpur city is considered to be one of the most famous and revered mosques of the city. This mosque is ancient and is one of the living proofs of the rich culture of Kanpur that was ruled by various dynasties. The church is open for Namaaz for Islamic people and remains crowded with devotees every Fridays.

7. Bhitargaon Temple:

Northwen side.

Bhitargaon temple has a structure that portrays ancient Indian art on its walls and forms. It is a magnificent example of the brilliance of artists India nurtured during the ancient times. This temple is visited by tourists for religious and historical purposes.

8. Christ Church:

Temples in Kanpur8

Christ church was built when the British took over the Nawab of Oudh that is Nawab Shuja-ud-daullah in 1865. It suffered severe damage in 1857 during the Seize of Cawnpore as it was initially used by the Nana Sahib and then by the Britishers as a shelter. The church was however reconstructed with funds and now stands strong. Thus, the church holds masses often and is visited by locals and tourists alike.

9. Ravana Temple:

Temples in Kanpur9

Ravana temple is one of its kind in Kanpur. Ravana, who was a follower of Lord Shiva, is worshipped here as the patron deity. Every year during Dussehra huge celebrations add to the festivity and millions of devotees visit this shrine to worship Ravana.