List of Hindu Temples in Kabul

In Kabul, there are several Hindu temples:

  1. Asamai Hindu temple, Old city, Dargaa, Asamai: The Asamai temple is at the foothills of the central hill Koh-i-Asamai of the Afghan capital. The hill is named Asamai after Asha, the goddess of hope said to be present on the hilltop since ancient times. The Akhand Jyoti (continuous fire) there has been burning uninterrupted for many centuries. The temple and the Jyoti have survived numerous conflicts in Kabul and are reminders of Afghanistan under the Hindu Shahi kings. The Asamai temples of New York, London, Faridabad, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are named after the famous Kabul temple.
  2. Baba Jothi Sorup Mandir, Darwaza Lahuri
  3. Bhairo Mandir, Shor Bazaar
  4. Guru Hari Rai Gurudwara, Shor Bazaar
  5. Mangalwar Mandir, Shor Bazaar