Temples in East Timor

Pura Girinatha is the largest Balinese Hindu temple in East Timor. It is located in the Dili District, south of the capital city of Dili, near the local market. The temple is located on a small hill outside the city center, but is accessible by car.


Timor has no traditional Hindu population. The temple was built during the Indonesian occupation and was intended for the Hindu immigrants of that time, who mainly came from Bali. The inauguration took place on 27 June 1987 by the Indonesian Provincial Governor Mário Viegas Carrascalão. After the end of the occupation, most Hindus left the country. In 2015, only 272 East Timorese profess Hinduism.[4] Now, the temple is now quite run down, although some Balinese from Indonesia and East Timorese government has started efforts to revitalize the temple.