Temples in Tadipatri

Tadipatri has two ancient temples. The Stala Purana (Local History) states that both the temples were built by two brothers in a day. The Bugga Rama Lingeswara Temple could not be completed and it still stands incomplete till this very day. The locals believe that had it been completed, it would have been called Dakshina Kashi. These temples essentially have the Vijayanagara architecture imprinted on them. There are beautiful sculptures of Lord Krishna and Ratna on the walls.

1. Sri Chintala Venkataramana Swamy Temple: The temple is right in the heart of the city and has a lofty gopura. The temple is essentially a Vishnu Temple built according to Vaasthu Shilpa. It is stated that the temple was built by Sri Thimma Naidu under the orders of the Vijayanagara kings.It was built in the mid 16th century. It is situated in 5 acres of land. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is being looked after well. An earthquake had destroyed the main gopuram but has been rebuilt recently. The carvings of episodes of the Ramayan, Mahabharatha and Bhagavatha are seen around the Garba Griha, Madhya Ranga,the Astana Mandapa, the Antarala Gopura, the Prakara, the Yagnasala and the Kalyana Mantapa.The carvings are so explicit and they express the story. There is an underground tunnel from this tunnel to Gooty Fort which has been sealed by the Archaelogical Department.

Chintala Vengopalaswamy temple

2. The Bugga Rama Lingeswara Swamy Temple: The temple is on the banks of the River Pennar and is on the northern end of the town. This temple has an added miracle in architecture. The Shiva Linga is placed on a pedestal. Water is seen seeping out of the pedestal all the time, no matter the season. The entrances to the temple are on the South and West which is not seen in any temple. There is a tunnel which has been sealed but which is believed to lead to Tirupathi. There is a statue of a goddess by the edge of the river. The locals believe that the city will drown if the level of the river reaches the navel of the Goddess. It is believed that Sage Parashurama did his penance, worshipping Lord Shiva, at this place.



Tadipatri is connected to Anantapur, the District Headquarters by road. The distance is 90 kms. The roads to the city are very well laid out and there is so much of greenery along the way. The bus stand is 1 km. away from Chintala Venkataramana Temple. The famous Belum caves are 20 kms. from Tadipatri. The nearest railway station is in Anantapur. Accommodation is available in Anantapur.

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